Quran Read Pen is an assistive reading device that is designed for Muslims / non-Muslims learning to recite Holy Quran which Includes built-in speaker and headphones.

Quran Read Pen hides a unique technology that scans and pronounces Quran Page / Sura / Aya from printed Quran. This powerful tool fits in a pocket and has an intuitive, friendly interface.


Quran Read Pen Improves reading skills for all learners - Maintains the flow of reading as students & non-Arabic people encounter unfamiliar words. Use the Quran Read Pen as your reading assistant anywhere, any time. This versatile device may improve Holy Quran Reciting skills dramatically. With the auditory support provided by the Quran Read Pen , frustration and embarrassment disappear. Both struggling and fluent readers rapidly improve their skills in:

Academic vocabulary
Grammatical structure

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Cost: Rs.3,750


14 Recitors, 29 Translations, 30 Islamic Books, 38 Font Styles and more.....

**Includes Transliteration (Translates the Quran into Latin Alphabet so that Non-Arabic readers can read it.)


- Digital Compass
- Zakat calculator
- Quran Learning
- Hajj Guide
- Tafseez-ul-Qur'an
- Many Fonts in different Text styles and Sizes
- Recitation Album for last 20 surahs by 15 Famous Reciters
- Prayer Times with Adhan Alarm
- Qibla Direction feature
- Islamic Album with Video & Audio
- A collection of Islamic images

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Color Digital Quran


digital quran


Cost: Rs.3,450


Dual SIM mobile loaded with Quran & 31 Islamic books. Different Font selection, Complete Quran Recitation in voice of Famous 7 Qari (Recitors). Auto Silent Mode during Pray Times in Masjid. 26 Languages Quran Translations. Complete Tafseer and Authentic Hadeeth Books collection. Complete Holy Qur'an. Beautiful Uthmanic Arabic text style font enhancing the true spirit of reading. Bookmarking of Surah/Verse. Synchronised Quran text and

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Quran Mobile Phone

quran phone


Cost: Rs.3,550




This unique, feature packed DVD Set offers the ultimate experience for anyone wishing to learn, recite, understand and ponder over the beautiful message revealed by the Almighty Allah (swt) through His chosen Prophet (pbuh).

The viewer is benefited with a spiritually enhancing experience as the dynamic display is accompanied with the heart touching voice of Sa’ad Al-Ghaamedi.

A priceless set which will bring out enormous benefits for an entire lifetime. Should not be missed by any lover of the Magnificent Qur’an!

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Quran 6 DVD Set

quran dvd


Cost: Rs.1,600


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Shipping in India: Free (Cost include shipping to any address in India, Please allow 3-4 days for delivery)


Shipping worldwide: $35 extra shipping cost, Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery